IA Magazine Technology Issue


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The Institute of Internal Auditors: August 2017 Issue

Objective: To develop a cover and feature illustrations for the August 2017 issue of IA (Internal Auditor) Magazine, a bimonthly publication with an international circulation of more than 90,000. The challenge here was to coalesce the abstract data management concepts discussed throughout the issue into a cohesive and striking graphic set.

This slideshow shows the process behind the development of each illustration.

Skylar Ventures


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Phone Homie

Client: Skylar Ventures

Objective: Brand update for Phone Homie by Skylar Ventures. Phone Homie is a cannabis friendly apparel and merchandise shop. For this brand update, I was asked to redraw the Homie mascot and re-imagine the type and setting with a cleaner, minimalist approach. The final design is broken out into several screen separated colorways.